I use line and negative space when creating my jewelry. I strive for simplicity in classic feminine forms; always keeping in mind the piece is meant to be worn.

My work is a combination of 18k gold, sterling silver, and a variety of beautiful gemstones. Clean contemporary earrings and pendants suggest a happy movement that is figurative and playful yet infinitely wearable. My jewelry is a juxtaposition of the unusual and unique beauty of gemstones nature has created (sparkly druzy, patterned fossilized stones, multi-colored opals) with simple classic settings.

My pieces are hand fabricated. I love the transformation of sheet and wire into dimensional form. Bezels are individually constructed for the unique stones I use. Much of the work is given a soft matte finish and additional texture is added by chasing or engraving on small elements in the different pieces. This use of combining texture and color is my version of painting.


Ilene Schwartz has been making jewelry in one form or another since she was six years old. She holds an associates degree in graphics and a BFA in metals from Tyler School of Art at Temple University. Schwartz worked for a number of years at small family-owned jewelry businesses developing her skills before striking out on her own. For the past 30+ years Schwartz has maintained a studio, designing and making jewelry. She exhibits at craft shows and sells online.